Social responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is critical to underpinning our company’s growth ambitions and competitiveness of the business. We appreciate the benefits that increasing our practices in these areas can bring to our employees and supply chain. Our objectives are presented under four overarching themes: Environmental, People, Marketplace and Community.

Pictured: Pettypool Lodge, Cheshire Forestl


Effective community engagement is integral to the successful delivery of all our projects. We are proud of City Build's support to several worthy causes, and the commitment of our employees in supporting wider community regeneration initiatives. We have been involved in many projects, such as: 
Reubens Retreat. We provided our services on the £275k project free of charge to help transform a disused hospital into the retreat for bereaved parents. 
Refurbishment of Openshaw youth centre and boxing club.  We provided all the materials, supply chain employees and trade supervision, with members of the local community who use the facilities also contributing to the refurbishment. 
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Babygrow Appeal. We supported the hospital’s charity by sponsoring for the cost of printing and posting their first ever Christmas mailing to past and potential donors. 
Construction Impact Framework We have successfully completed several projects through the CIF which supports local causes in the immediate area of the works. 


City Build are passionate about supporting local school, clubs and community activities.  We therefore sponsor a number of clubs and facilities, including: 
Southport FC 
Oldham Netball Club
Saddleworth School Rugby Team 
Astley and Tyldesley Cycle Speedway 
Countess of Chester Baybgrow Appeal