Salford Royal Hospital Angiography Suite

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


This scheme involved the construction of the new state of the art Angiography department at Salford Royal Hospital with substantial new plant room. The new plant room comprised of a sizeable steel framed structure clad with architectural louvres and mesh, all constructed at 3rd floor level some 70 metres from the nearest street level access point.

A large tower crane and detailed lifting plan was implemented to ensure the safe lifting of all materials and plant for the works over the live working theatres and wards below.

The plant room was built to house the new services required for the New Angiography Suite. The new suite was constructed within the confines of the existing Turnberg Building, which had been vacated for the purposes of the project. The area of works was directly above sensitive pathology labs and adjacent to numerous live wards all of which were kept in operation throughout the works. Close daily liaison between ourselves, hospital staff and our subcontractors ensured minimal disruption to the end users.

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